The routes of the marathon (30km / 50km / 80km) lead through the Lusatian Mountains and the Ještěd Ridge. These are designed according the motto: “Maximum nature, minimum asphalt!”


(632 m elevation) – The route offers a full-fledged experience from the really beautiful surroundings of the Lusatian region. It is ideal choice for technically and physically less equipped riders, women or the category of juniors (15-18 years). Just for everyone, who wants to start with mountain biking. The route passes near Lake Kristyna, close to rocky and sandstone formations or mines used in the Middle Ages. Are you a mountain bike begginer? Dont worry and come to us. Route profile


(1420 m elevation)  – This known route leads through the Lusatian Mountains and the Ještěd Ridge, which is part of the race from totally beginnings till today. You enjoy everything what Czech mountain bike conditions offers. In contrast to the 80km, only area of the Beech of Republic (Buk Republiky) – the highest climb – is missed. The route passes near the rock formations like Czech Gate (Česká Brána), plains of Jítrava, through the Forrest of Janovice or the Czech-German border singletrack. Route is part of the Haven MTB Series 2018 and the results are converted into an overall rating.  Are you a good mountain biker and want to enjoy excelent bike marathón in Bohemia? We are the best choice for you. Route profile


(2405 m elevation) – This route means real challenge for lovers of pure mountain biking and especially for physical bikers. The 50km track is extended by climb of Beech of Republic (Buk Republiky) on Ještěd Ridge or the traverses of forgotten Virgin’s Hill (Panenská Hůrka). These areas of the track are pride of our trace, because  creates oldest parts of our seventeen-year history. Do you like hardcore challenges? Come and experience this magic atmosphere for yourself! Route profile