MTB marathon Bike Babí léto is became thanks to seventeen-year history and unique bike atmosphere traditional mountain bike race, not only in Northern Bohemia. The first year of the race, founded by local biker enthusiast Petr Cinkán, started on 5th October 2002 in village Chrastava. Since then, the race has been held continuously until today, without any missing! During these years, we had issues with natural disasters (floods, storms), moving dates (from October and September to August) and backgrounds of race (village Chrastava and Krásná Studánka, horse Farm Vysoká, Lake Kristýna) as well as a changes in the organization team. Racing routes had to be changed, improved, expanded and reduced many times because of mentioned problems. In spite of all this, Babí léto managed to save and even to develop!

Historically the first winners of the Bike Babí léto (2002, kindergarden in Chrastava). 1. Jeřábek David 2:27:32, 2. Kopka Jan 2:27:36, 3. Šurík Josef 2:28:55.

In 2013 we moved background to the Lake Kristýna near Hrádek nad Nisou, where we organize the race with great satisfaction until today. September date had to be changed to the end of August. Petr Cinkán continues to be spiritual father of the race, but organization has moved into the hands of his daughter Petra. After moving to Kristýna, Vít Štrupl became an important part of the “new” Bike Babí léto, because his knowledge of local forests. He transformed most of the original routes and designed it according the slogan: “Maximum nature, minimum asphalt”. Routes offers stony downhills, forest and field trails, meadows, panoramic views – all that the wild nature of the Lusatian Mountains hides. The most beautiful segments are for example forgotten meadows of Virgins Hill (Panenská Hůrka), the climb to Beech of Republic (Buk Republiky) with panoramas of the Chrastava surroundings, the Czech-German border singletrack, the mysterious Forrest of Janovice or the Rock Theater under Rock of Pop.

The meadows in the vicinity of Jítrava are part of the route from 2013 (Miroslav Chmela).

Babí léto means today one of the last real mountain bike marathons in the Czech Republic. It’s no secret that 80km hot chili pepper route, with high technical and physical demands, has become a real challenge for the hardest bikers. This longest route became the heart of the race, because is the oldest part of our seventeen-year history. Routes of 50km (“middle way”) and 30km (“hobby”) are easier alternatives, but they don’t miss anything from the charm of the local nature. Despite the fame, we have never lost the status of a family race with a pleasant atmosphere and an open personal approach for everyone. If we were not supporting by family and friend volunteers, the financial support of the Liberec region, the city Hrádek nad Nisou and other partners, the race would be just a memory. Thank you for help us keep Bike Babí léto still alive!

So what can you imagine at the end? Tradition, long-age quality, fun and sweat, physical bottom and emotional peak, magical border countryside, just an active pleasant day spent in the family and similarly tuned participants and organizers. Come and experience this atmosphere for yourself!